Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Rule Britannia

High street style, particularly for men, is something I often fall out of love with. At times I find it becomes repetitive and consequently I am often driven to independent or vintage stores to find style without breaking the bank. Topman, for all its mainstream pitfalls, often sets the precedent for high street style, particularly the flagship Oxford Street store and this week saw the launch of their ‘latest trend’ for spring 2010 - Button Down Heroes.

Taking inspiration from the ska movement of the 80’s this trend includes casual wear staples as well as subtle tailored pieces to create a very British feel. However, on the whole, this trend isn’t very groundbreaking. There’s no outlandish fits or colours and there’s nothing here that you won’t have seen before. But I think that’s what I love about it. Everything you had in your wardrobe from last year, can easily be adapted to put you at the very forefront of the trend. Subtle details like fastening the top button on shirts or polo’s, and adding braces can totally transformation the look or feel of an outfit. To prove just how easy it is, I’ve put together a couple of outfits with the basic items I already own, updating them to fit with the current trend.

Outfit one is easy, all I’ve done is take a simple polo and fasten the top button. This one’s actually Gola, which with its roots in 80’s sportswear fits perfectly.

The second outfit is an extension of the first. Perfect for both a date or evening drinks, I’ve just added a some knitwear to smarten the look but you could just as easily add a cardigan.

Finally, the smarter of the three looks which is ideal for the office. A mod inspired check shirt (needless to say the top button is fastened!) is teamed with a trench coat, an outerwear staple that was all over the high street last Autumn. You could also add a pair of braces to make this look a little more quirky and even more 80’s.

Hats off to Topman for bringing our attention to a trend that’s stylish, obtainable and most importantly - very very British.

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