Thursday, 14 January 2010

Taper Jean Boys

There aren’t many things I love more than fashion and the Kings of Leon, so when I heard that the Kings had teamed up with French brand Surface to Air to release a clothing range, I was more excited than a fat kid in a chocolate shop.

From previewing the collection I can tell you that much like everything else the KOL have produced, the clothing range is pretty good. The bandana I can lose, but I would defiantly welcome any of the other items into my wardrobe.

But unlike their music, there has to be a few negatives from me. One gripe I have is that the collection isn’t exactly a groundbreaking. Where as their music is edgy and fresh, with a nod to classic rock and roll, their clothing range is (dare I say it?) a little bit dated. And it’s limited too, if you don’t want to look like you’re in the Kings of Leon (luckily I do!) then there isn’t much in it for you.

Then there’s the price. Now I understand that where there’s designer fashion, there’s the designer price tag, but with the range mirroring a large chunk of the Topman winter collection, I fail to see where the added value comes from. The cheapest item in the range, the bandana, will set you back £65, whilst at the top end, the leather jacket comes in at a whopping £739. Too big a price to pay if you ask me.

While I’ll admit to being a big fan of the clothes themselves, unfortunately when it comes to the range, I’ll have to say that the negatives out weigh the positives. Surface to Air seem to have missed everything I love about the band - their raw, gritty, authentic style and that aura that only the KOL have - and replaced it something that is trying too hard to be cool. What‘s unique about their style can‘t be bought (even at those prices), it‘s something that you‘re either born with, or you learn from years of being one of the greatest rock bands of a generation.

The S2A x KOL collection goes on sale from January 25th at and


  1. I have to agree....BUT... that t-shirt is fit, and I doubt I'd see that in topman, also the leather jacket is amazing, so are the boots.... I would wear all of it...


    lol but yeah, i say I would but at the end of the day I wouldn't save up my pennies that much just because of celebrity endorsment

  2. If I had to pick one thing I think it would be the t-shirt. I wonder how much input the boys themselves had?